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5pm - Ketchum Mayoral Candidates discuss platforms and andwer questions

Mon October 28, 2013

Event Description:
Randy Hall and Nina Jonas will each present their platform for running for Ketchum City Mayor, and then the floor will be open to the community for questions.

More Info:

Meet the candidates:

Mayor Randy Hall
Born in Southern California, Randy spent much of his youth on the beach surfing and, later (as a safer alternative) boogie boarding. He attended both El Camino College and the College of Southern Idaho, before dedicating himself to a career as a paramedic.   
In 1965, Randy took a Union Pacific train (he calls it the “Snowball Express”) to Idaho so that he could ski. He learned to ski on Dollar Mountain and is still skiing there with his five-year old daughter, Addie. 
Like many people in the Wood River Valley, the Mayor worked at the Sun Valley Resort in the past. He’s also worked for Hughes Aircraft Space & Communication Division routing circuit boards for satellites and owned a restaurant in Ketchum called China Pepper for 10 years. Today, Randy works at St. Luke’s Wood River Hospital Emergency Room.
Randy describes himself as self-deprecating, genuine and passionate about the community.  
He is committed to Ketchum and the Wood River Valley and is proud to be an elected leader for such an incredible community. Randy first entered local government in 1995 when he was appointed to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission, which was followed by an appointment in 1998 to a vacancy on City Council.  He successfully ran for re-election and served for 8 years.  In the fall of 2005, Randy was elected Mayor of Ketchum and is currently in his second term.   He also has a long history of volunteering in the community and is a past member of the Ketchum Fire Department.
Randy prides himself on being a dedicated husband and father.  He, his wife, Angela and their daughter, Addie, live and play in Ketchum. He admits that his biggest weakness is his daughter—he can’t say no to her!

Inspirations: Skiing, spending time with his family, and engaging with the community
Favorite Ski Run: The one from the car to the nearest ski lift
Favorite Running/ Hiking Trail: Proctor
Favorite Local Arts & Culture Event: The Monthly Ketchum Gallery Walk and any event that brings people to Ketchum

Councilor Nina Jonas

Nina Jonas is co-founder and operator of Rickshaw restaurant and a Ketchum City Council member.  Driven by an interest in the food, arts and an entrepreneurial spirit, Nina and her partner began Rickshaw, a Valley's Best restaurant, in 2005. 
In 2009 Nina was elected to the Ketchum City Council,  sworn in January 2010.  In governance, she pursues agendas that combine citizen initiative and long-term planning to create an enjoyable and sustainable living environment, such as, improved broadband access, a multi-use river park and water/energy conservation.  Previous to these rolls, Nina performed grant writing and fundraising for start-up non-profits like Sun Valley Adaptive Sports and Winter Wildlands. 
Nina graduated from Smith College with a BA in art history and economics.  She is a forth generation Idaho resident living and playing in "the best base-camp", the splendid Idaho mountain town of Ketchum, with her husband, family and dog. 
Favorite Ski Runs: The Snow Decides
Favorite Running/ Hiking Trail: Off Trail
Little Known Fact: Nina was born in Greenland